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Good English as a critical tool

Across the globe billions of people are trying to learn English, not simply for self-improvement but as an economic necessity. Research shows a direct correlation between a person's English skills and a company's economic performance.

so why aren't executives improving their English skills?

Being average gets them by

Lack of qualified teachers in their countries

Lack of flexibility to provide continuous and reliable practice

About HiPe

Based in beautiful Brighton UK, Hipe provides 1-to-1 coaching and training via Skype and WeChat to take clients from competence to excellence. Coaches utilise a simple approach to perfect pronunciation and speaking ability; meaning improved interpersonal relationships, deeper cultural understanding, better communication of emotion, and all whilst retaining the speaker's individual personality.

The process is designed around ease of use for the clients. We will set up the Skype account on the client's behalf, and once up and running we can guarantee no lateness, no cancellations and a personal language course designed to suit the client's needs.

3 to 4 half an hour speaking lesson per week :

When you want

Where you want

For how ever long you want

We Are


All our coaches are native English speakers.


With a minimum 5 years experience, our team have taught all over the world, all nationalities, all levels, all exams. WE ARE THE BEST


All coaches are certified English teachers with a minimum of a Degree. Most coaches also hold a Diploma and/or a Masters in teaching English as a second language.

Professional and reliable

We have a strong record of excellence with some of the biggest names in the business world.

Flexible and frequent

We know that the best way to improve is to ensure frequency so we will adapt to your timetable, giving you the classes that you need at the time that you want.

Excellent at customer service

We put YOU first.

Our Services

Our role is to give you confidence and skills so that your personality shines through:

Pronunciation lessons

Confidence coaching

Presentation skills

Conference planning

Exams preparation

Cross cultural training

General English

Intercultural communication

Our Pricing

First lesson


One lesson (30min)

(UK pounds)

10 X 30 min lessons

(UK pounds)

20 X 30 min lessons

(UK pounds)

50 X 30 min lessons

(UK pounds)

100 X 30 min lessons

(UK pounds)

A Few Facts

5 billion

Estimated number of English speakers in the world

339 million

Of which are native speakers

Only 7

Countries rank in the very high proficiency index

Women are generally much better speakers of English

English proficiency is higher in 18-20 year olds

Better English = Higher Income

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